Table 4

 Costs of the two year trial exercise programme*

ResourceResources usedValuation†Central cost estimate (€)
*2003/04 prices.
RecruitmentInitial survey of activity (n = 3520) with two reminders and a second survey with an invitation and leaflet (n = 2283)Commercial quotation10725
Facilitators4×0.5 wte university technicians grade D€22969 pro rata plus ongoing costs113928
Coordinator start up0.3 wte RII for 6 months€43898 pro rata plus ongoing costs8165
Ongoing0.2 RII per year21773
AccommodationOffice space for three work stationsStandard rental19637
Hire of hallsHire of halls for 2040 sessionsMean of €16.0 per session across 13 venues32645
Exercise leaders1337 sessions (excluding sessions undertaken by facilitators)€31.24 per session41769
TravelAverage 3.5 miles per session€0.54 per mile (actual paid)3824
RefreshmentsTea, coffee and biscuits per session€8.03 per session14566
Total cost of two year programme267033