Table 3

 Differences in mean health dimension scores between intervention and control participants

SF-36 dimensionCrude differenceAdjusted difference*95% CI*p Value*Estimated effect in ever exercisers
*From multilevel model (see methods).
Physical functioning0.571.01–0.98 to 3.00.363.9
Social functioning1.601.73–0.23 to 3.690.106.7
Physical role4.043.52–0.62 to 7.660.1013.5
Emotional role2.131.57–3.24 to 6.390.556.0
Mental health0.930.98–0.76 to 2.720.293.8
Energy2.012.120.47 to 3.770.018.2
Pain0.500.38–1.81 to 2.570.801.5
General health perception1.451.67–0.00 to 3.340.066.4
Extended physical functioning0.370.91–1.02 to 2.830.413.5
Composite indices
Mental health2.622.65–0.13 to 5.420.0610.2
Physical health2.932.950.17 to 5.740.0411.3
Single index0.010.010.001 to