Table 2

 Mortality and morbidity outcomes in intervention and control participants

OutcomeParticipants in control practices (n = 4137)Participants in intervention practices (n = 2283)
number%number%p Value†
*“Exercise related” causes of death were coronary heart disease, stroke, hip fracture, type II diabetes, and mental disorder. †p value from multilevel model (see methods).
All cause two years50512.228312.40.91
All cause three years63815.435215.40.91
Specific causes two years*2225.41084.70.25
Specific causes three years*2846.91366.00.13
All cause two years147335.685337.40.13
Specific causes two years*3919.52199.60.78
Death or admission
All cause two years161339.094141.20.09
Specific causes two years*52312.628012.30.71