Table 2

 How much of a problem are the following for you? Individually matched differences between first and second survey answers (n = 131, Wilcoxon signed ranks test)

ProblemΔZp (two tailed)
Δ, change in problem (<less of a problem, >more of a problem). All based on positive ranks, except where indicated on negative ranks, *p⩽0.05.
Road safety
Speeding traffic<−2.720.007*
Road safety (for pedestrians)<−0.760.446
Road safety (for cyclists)<−0.240.025*
Road safety (for motorists)<−3.600.000*
Crossing the road<−2.190.029*
TrafficNoise from traffic<−2.830.005*
Traffic fumes<−2.880.004*
Vibration from traffic<−2.890.004*
General environment
Lack of public transport<−1.180.236
General facilities for pedestrians<−2.600.009*
Safe children’s play areas<−1.110.269
Litter and rubbish<−0.300.767
Smells and fumes<−1.560.004*
Uneven or dangerous pavements<−2.860.784
Nuisance and crime
Facilities for teenagers/young people<−3.280.001*
People drinking in public places>−0.59neg0.557
Adequate street lighting>−0.71neg0.477
People hanging around<−1.210.228
Reputation of neighbourhood<−1.210.227
Drug dealing and drug taking<−4.390.000*
Other noise, for example, factories, shouting<−2.320.021*