Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of the participants by the social standing of the habitat where they lived. Geneva, Switzerland, 1999

Social standing of the habitat
High (n=63) %Medium–high (n=113) %Medium (n=123) %Medium–low (n=192) %Low (n=97) %p Value*
*F test in analysis of variance analysis for age; χ2 test for the categorical variables.
Age, mean52.850.748.351.650.20.02
Changed address15.912.426.022.424.70.1
Buildings with government subsidy1.63.719.77.813.8<0.0001
Level of subsidy
    Low (n=4)
    Medium (n=37)
    High (n=14)
Marital status
    Married or cohabiting76.579.389.379.878.4
    Single, widowed, or divorced23.520.710.720.221.60.5
    Married or cohabiting79.367.370.265.663.0
    Single, widowed, or divorced20.732.729.834.437.00.6