Table 7

Health status at one year by car access, adjusted for age, gender, and and six week baseline

Car accessNo car accessDifference (unadjusted) car access to no car accessDifference (adjusted for age, gender, and six week baseline)
DomainNMeanSDNMeanSDMean diffCIpMean diffCIp
SF36—physical functioning14365.727.64454. to 20.90.0141.3−6.3 to 9.00.722
SF36—role limitations−physical13551.244.54035.642.715.6−0.5 to 31.30.05118.41.9 to 35.00.029
SF36—bodily pain14370.326.24669.824.20.5−8.1 to 9.10.907−3.3−10.9 to 4.30.395
SF36—general health perceptions14157.022.34548.825.08.20.4 to 15.90.0397.51.2 to 13.70.020
SF36— vitality14351.623.04545.224.16.4−1.4 to 14.30.1080.6−6.2 to 7.30.871
SF36—social functioning14564.824.14657.526.47.3−0.9 to 15.60.0804.3−3.4 to 11.90.273
SF36—role limitations-emotional13362.243.24153.744.08.5−6.8 to 23.80.2743.4−12.8 to 19.60.680
SF36—mental health14470.521.34567.920.92.7−4.5 to 9.80.462−2.9−9.3 to 3.50.370
EQ5—D single index14372.825.54666.224.96.6−1.8 to 15.10.1242.1−5.6 to 9.90.585