Table 1

Descriptive statistics of individual and neighbourhood level risk factors by race/ethnicity, US adults aged 18 to 50, national health interview survey 1986 to 1994, follow up through 1997*

Non-Hispanic blackMexican AmericanNon-Hispanic whiteTotal
Source: 1986–1997 NHIS-NDI linked file. *All values are percentages unless otherwise noted.
Individual risk factors
Age (mean years)
    Native born63.437.064.262.6
    Foreign born4.935.92.64.7
Marital status
    Currently married42.964.966.963.7
    Previously married16.38.89.710.5
    Never married40.826.323.525.8
Employment status
    Not in the labour force23.024.215.617.0
Income to needs ratio (mean)$10727$8784$16817$15591
    Less than high school degree21.447.111.414.7
    High school degree43.831.639.939.9
    Any college34.821.348.745.4
Neighbourhood risk factors
Economic inequality
Mexican American
Non-Hispanic black
Single parent household
Foreign born
Homicide deaths per 1000 interviewed2.
Number of homicide deaths15972107338
Number of survivors and people who died of other causes6378525059336342425186