Table 1

Numbers of respondents (n), prevalence of common mental disorders (% cases CMD), and mean population densities (standard deviation) (persons aged 25–64 per square kilometre), for each of the 14 groups identified in the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Classification of Wards

GroupnMean density (SD)% Cases CMD
Metropolitan professionals3102809 (1121)29.5
Deprived city areas5683954 (1500)29.4
Deprived industrial areas4541891 (882)27.7
Low status owner occupiers5081630 (1089)26.5
Industrial areas9411271 (710)25.8
Mature populations6511014 (679)25.1
Inner city estates1483128 (2293)25.0
Middle Britain14001077 (724)25.0
Transient population321258 (643)24.7
Suburbia13181457 (826)24.6
Rural fringes716457 (606)24.1
Established owner occupiers1054752 (691)21.6
Prosperous areas564217 (301)20.6
Rural areas26923 (19)18.8