Table 5

Multivariable linear regression results for middle aged (45–64 years old) female mortality (weighted by the interviewed women in the counties) (n=1790)

βSEtpAdjusted r2
*Measured by the average responding, “People are generally dishonest and selfish and they want to take advantage of others” (0–3). †Measured by the average responding, “If I do nice things for someone, I can anticipate that they will respect me and treat me just as well as I treat them” (0–3).
Model (Constant)11.490.2056.740.000
Female distrust*2.070.0544.530.000
Female reciprocity†−1.000.04−22.820.000
Female smoking1.160.0523.960.000
Female personal income−9.9E-050.001−20.020.000
Female unemployment rate−0.010.006−16.710.000
Female education−0.270.03−8.870.000
Female spirit consumption0.760.203.730.0000.743