Table 4

Logistic models of the effect of cigarette smoking on preterm delivery for African American and white women

VariableParameter estimate*SEp Value
*Parameter estimates are on the natural log scale, for example, OR=e^(0.057 × cigarettes per day) for cigarette smoking among African Americans.
African American women, n=346
    Cigarettes per day0.0570.0230.015
    Medi-Cal insurance0.200.260.45
    Maternal height (cm)−0.0130.0200.53
    Non-pregnant weight (kg)−0.0170.0100.097
White women, n=1153
    Cigarettes per day0.0220.0110.046
    Medi-Cal insurance0.340.190.072
    Maternal height (cm)−0.0130.0120.26
    Non-pregnant weight (kg)−0.00980.00720.17