Table 5

Relative risk for total mortality and ischaemic heart disease mortality among drinkers with heavy pattern compared with other drinkers. Proportional hazard models are adjusted for potential confounders and other covariates. The previous covariates remain in the model when the new one is added. Previous myocardial infarctions are excluded

Total mortalityIHD mortality
AdjustmentsRelative risk95% Confidence intervalsRelative risk95% Confidence intervals
*Average alcohol use grouped into three categories. 0–95.9 g/week, 96–199.9 g/week and 200+ g/week.
Age2.27(1.78 to 2.88)2.26(1.41 to 3.63)
+Average alcohol use*1.92(1.45 to 2.53)2.14(1.25 to 3.67)
+Smoking1.63(1.23 to 2.17)1.78(1.03 to 3.07)
+Education1.57(1.17 to 2.10)1.77(1.01 to 3.08)