Table 1

Pearson correlations for female and male (45–64 years old) mortality by social capital variables (weighted by number of cases, age 45–64)

Middle age (45–64 year) male mortalitySignificance (two tailed)Middle age (45–64 year) female mortalitySignificance (two tailed)
N (male)=1521N (female)=1790
Received help from civil associations−0.2480.000−0.2480.000
Male distrust0.3530.0000.1600.000
Male reciprocity−0.0980.000−0.2920.000
Male received help from civil associations−0.3310.000−0.2560.000
Female distrust0.3830.0000.4430.000
Female reciprocity−0.3000.000−0.3880.000
Female received help from civil associations−0.1460.000−0.2260.000
Middle age male distrust0.3350.0000.1280.000
Middle age male reciprocity−0.2140.000−0.3490.000
Middle age male received help from civil associations−0.3400.0000.0120.616
Middle age female distrust0.3290.0000.5880.000
Middle age female reciprocity−0.0860.001−0.3660.000
Middle age female received help from civil associations−0.1380.000−0.1530.000