Table 2

Demographic and medical characteristics for cases of preterm delivery and controls, UCSF cohort 1980–1990

African American womenWhite women
CharacteristicCase n=116*Control n=301*Case n=242*Control n=1002*
*The number of women described under each characteristic differs because of missing data.
Maternal age: mean (SE)25.00.5025.30.3028.90.3628.70.17
Parity: mean (SE)
Maternal height (cm): mean (SE)163.50.63164.40.39163.80.40164.50.22
Non-pregnant weight (kg): mean (SE)61.21.2865.30.9559.40.7661.10.40
Smoking (cigarettes/day): mean (SE)4.010.671.980.293.020.342.200.19
Insurance status: n (%)
    Private or self pay3935.813946.817276.481482.6
Marital status: n (%)
Maternal education: n (%)
    Less than high school1921.62710.5156.8475.1
    High school graduate or greater6978.423189.520593.287394.9
Family occupation: n (%)
    Working class8472.419666.98635.729329.4
    Non-working class3227.69733.115564.370370.6