Table 3

Amount of alcohol consumed and frequency of inebriation by different groups of drinkers with heavy drinking patter

Number%Mean alcohol consumption* (g/week)Frequency of inebriation (times/month)Intake of spirits at a time (g)†Intake of beer at a time (g)†Intake of wine at a time (g)†
*Assessed by the quantity-frequency questionnaire. †Usual dose of different beverages imbibed at a time calculated to grams of pure alcohol.
Drinkers with heavy spirit drinking pattern126482.7200.52.1141.256.657.2
    Only spirits79151.8136.81.7136.032.833.4
    Spirits + beer15810.3250.32.4143.6122.539.2
    Spirits + wine17211.3225.62.5147.841.5101.5
    Spirits + beer + wine1439.4463.73.7159.4125.2111.7
Drinkers with heavy beer/wine drinking pattern26417.3209.32.552.281.474.0
    Only beer1238.0191.92.452.6109.836.9
    Only wine1097.1202.92.451.538.397.8
    Wine + beer322.1296.53.553.0112.799.4