Table 5

Percentage of outcomes for fall related injuries in 1999

Age group60–6465–6970–74⩾75
*Includes 0.23%, 0.43%, 0.65%, and 0.91% deaths for the four age groups.
A&E attendance outcomes
Examined/treated, no more treatment required*63.850.637.237.3
Referred to outpatient clinic16.927.132.226.4
Referred to GP17.317.716.113.3
Admitted to hospital2.04.714.523.0
Hospital inpatient outcomes
    Discharged; no more treatment required23.813.223.918.5
    Discharged; referred to GP19.
    Discharged; referred outpatient clinic57.173.650.045.2
    Transferred to longstay care0.00.08.627.4