Table 3

Unit costs*

ResourceUnit cost
*Values expressed as UK pounds in year 2000. As at 1 July 2000, UK£1.00=US$1.52 and €1.59.
†Based on average journey time of 38.6 minutes.
‡Hospital outpatient costs are the average of costs from a wide variety of specialties.
§Cost per 9.36 minute consultation.
¶Assumed six months extra care (£369 per week for 26 weeks) in an independent (private or voluntary) nursing home for older people.
Ambulance journey£179†8
Travel by other meansNo cost assigned
GP consultation£188
Attendance at A&E£658
Return to usual residence, no more treatmentNo cost assigned
Return to usual residence, attend outpatient clinic£68‡8
Return to usual residence, attend GP£18§8
Admit to long term care/refer to other long term hospital£9594¶8