Table 2

Decision to have an abortion when last pregnancy was unintended, according to sociodemographic, reproductive, and relationship factors in each age groups, odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals (multiple regression models)

Age of the woman at the time of last pregnancy
<25 (n=140)25–34 (n=349)⩾35 (n=154)
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
All variables entered into the model simultaneously. Woman’s work status: <25 years χ2=6.9, p<0.05; 25–34 years χ2=4.6 non-significant; ⩾35 years χ2=17.8 p<0.001.
Marital status, married1.01.01.0
    Co-habitant4.80.5 to to to 15.5
    Single17.21.9 to to 6.413.80.9 to 195.1
    No information5.20.5 to to to 35.2
Education, less than high school1.01.01.0
    High school or more3.71.1 to to to 19.1
Work status, working and good moment to get pregnant or it didn’t matter 1)
    Working, not a good moment to get pregnant5.81.0 to to 5.710.82.4 to 49.5
    Inactive (student, housewife, other)6.21.6 to to to 2.2
Age of the partner (continuous)1.10.9 to to to 1.1
Education of the partner,< high school1.01.01.0
    high school or more6.41.3 to to to 2.8
Work status of the partner, working1.01.01.0
    student, unemployed, other1.00.3 to to to 3.9
Relationship, stable1.01.01.0
    unstable0.80.2 to to to 92.3
Number of children before, 0–
    ⩾2 children9.00.6 to to to 12.9