Table 1

Proportion of women who had an abortion when last pregnancy was unintended according to sociodemographic and reproductive characteristics and to factors related to the relationship, by age groups (%)

Age of the women at the time of the last pregnancy
<25 years25–34 years⩾35yearsTotal
N are crude values, for example, number of interviewed women, % are weighted. χ2 Test within age groups and in total sample, *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001 (abortion v birth)
Sociodemographic characteristics
    Marital status***
        No information134120504843747
    Age of the partner**
    Education of the woman****
        No/minimum qualification21198748313213940
        Less than high school384111039395118741
        High school or + 2 years596210035578021653
        Higher education23865345275810358
    Education of the partner*****
        No/minimum qualification201748421788530
        Less than high school313012536456020139
        High school or + 2 years45737750276514959
        Higher education1376434640759664
        Other/don’t know/no response32415751255811449
Material life conditions
    Work status of the woman*****
    Work status of the partner****
    How pregnancy fits to work situation******
        Not a good moment345711252528919860
        Well/didn’t matter271712331614621131
        Not working804811547412223644
    Financial and material situation
    Duration of the relationship***
        ⩾5 year111314349793623343
        <1 year66495461139413357
    Situation of the relationship****
        No future/about to end22614260141007865
    Agreement with partner about abortion****
        We agreed what to do8943230381104042939
        I wanted abortion, he didn’t1771335913916367
        I wanted to continue pregnancy, he didn’t1414494418378132
Reproductive characteristics
    Number of children before*****
    Time from previous birth
        <1 year11001193--1293
        >3 years1021154421145227844
        No children/earlier births112478136102820143