Table 5

Occupational characteristics prevalence and risk factor incidence in men included in the longitudinal analysis (GAZEL study)

Tobacco consumption (n = 4268)Excessive alcohol consumption (⩾48 g/day) (n = 4452)Arterial hypertension (n = 5663)Overweight (BMI⩾25 kg/m2) (n = 2309)
Data shown as percentages.
Occupational category in 1985
Middle executive79.381.178.581.0
Occupational category in 1992
Senior executive and professional14.515.314.915.6
Middle executive71.672.270.771.6
Occupational mobility between 1985 and 1992
Upwardly mobile
    Middle executive to senior executive and professional14.515.314.815.5
    Employee/worker to senior executive and professional0.
    Employee/worker to middle executive6.
    Middle executive64.865.763.765.5
Incidence of the risk factor between 1993 and 1999 3.56.313.831.0