Table 3

Occupational characteristics and risk factors in 4715 men included in the longitudinal analysis (GAZEL study)

Occupational category in 1992
Middle executive400084.8
Occupational category in 1999
Senior executive and professional3808.1
Middle executive374079.3
Occupational mobility between 1992 and 1999
Upwardly mobile
    Middle executive to senior executive and professional3768.0
    Employee/worker to senior executive and professional40.1
    Employee/worker to middle executive1162.5
    Middle executive362476.8
Smokers in 1992 (yes) 107923.2
Excessive alcohol consumption in 1992 (⩾48 g/day) (yes) 2896.7
Arterial hypertension in 1992 (yes) 54611.6
Overweight in 1992 (BMI⩾25 kg/m2) (yes) 255356.2