Table 2

Continuous odds ratios (OR)† for risk of stillbirth, neonatal death, and lethal congenital anomaly in relation to proximity to incinerators, 1956–76 (before incinerators opening)‡ and 1977–93, adjusted for social class, birth order, year of birth, and multiple births

OutcomeNumber of casesOR95% CIp
†These ORs are continuous, for example, the odds of lethal congenital anomaly at a distance, D, from an incinerator compared with the odds at 3 km from incinerators is 1.10(1/(D+0.1)2 – 1/(3.1)2. Hence the odds ratio comparing risk at a distance of 0.5 km compared with that at 3 km (or further) is about 1.3.
‡Before incinerators opening lethal congenital anomalies were analysed only for the time period 1961–76.
1956–76 (before incinerators opening)
Stillbirth + neonatal death47150.970.93 to 1.01
Stillbirth26221.000.96 to 1.03
Neonatal death20930.920.84 to 1.00
Lethal congenital anomaly‡15830.940.86 to 1.02
    All neural tube defects‡6020.950.85 to 1.06
        Anencephalus‡2620.960.82 to 1.13
        Spina bifida‡2440.860.67 to 1.10
        Other CNS anomaly‡961.020.97 to 1.08
    Heart defects‡2471.010.91 to 1.12
    All other anomalies‡3030.940.81 to 1.09
Stillbirth + neonatal death11821.030.93 to 1.13
Stillbirth6121.040.90 to 1.19
Neonatal death5701.020.90 to 1.14
Lethal congenital anomaly4171.101.03 to 1.19**
    All neural tube defects1321.131.04 to 1.23**
        Anencephalus331.080.99 to 1.18
        Spina bifida601.171.07 to 1.28**
        Other CNS anomaly390.730.34 to 1.56
    Heart defects1041.121.03 to 1.22**
    All other anomalies1810.900.67 to 1.22