Table 1

Odds ratios (OR) of colorectal cancer (and corresponding 95% confidence intervals (95% CI)) for history of diabetes mellitus and family history of colorectal cancer among 286 cases and 550 controls. Vaud, Switzerland, 1992–2000

SexNunber of cases: number of controlsMultivariate OR* (95% CI)
*Adjusted for age, smoking status, BMI, education, and alcohol consumption; †adjusted for family history of colorectal cancer; ‡reference category; §adjusted for sex; ¶adjusted for history of diabetes.
History of diabetes†
    Yes21:181.30 (0.63 to 2.68)
    Yes7:53.56 (1.05 to 12.11)
    Yes28:231.75 (0.95 to 3.24)
Family history¶
    Yes11:72.12 (0.76 to 5.90)
    Yes7:54.91 (1.45 to 16.69)
    Yes18:123.23 (1.47 to 7.09)