Table 5

A comparison of indices for the allocation of economic resources to primary health care (percentage), CNI, and percentage of the variables included in the CNI and low income in the six different administrative areas of Stockholm County

Administrative area
Indices and percentage immigrants and people with low income or educationNENWNSSSSWSETotal %
Distribution by CNI model12.716.621.215.121.412.9100.0
Distribution by official model (consumption–need model)12.416.422.016.820.212.2100.0
CNI mean (transformed)90979710210195
Immigrants from Finland, Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America7.818.022.712.328.011.3100.0
Low educational status (<10 years)11.217.518.313.125.614.3100.0
Elderly persons living alone12.114.126.320.818.18.7100.0
Single parents11.717.318.916.021.814.4100.0
Unemployed people9.316.021.615.924.712.5100.0
High mobility11.817.822.115.220.812.3100.0
Children under age 513.917.219.412.921.914.7100.0
Low income (the lowest quartile)15.814.222.318.219.410.0100.0