Table 1
Age (y)UrbanRural% Rural in our study region
(A) Study region population: “The Barwon Statistical Division”*
Age (y)Study region characteristicsn (%)n (%)n (%)
*Data from Australian Bureau of Statistics using the 1996 census. Employment density based on full time employment. Other demographics of the study region are provided in Henry MJ et al, J Clin Densitometry 2000;3: 261–8. n refers to the number of people in each category.
(B) Demographic characteristics of our study region compared with Australia*
≥20Persons employed in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing492 (1.0)2677 (9.5)311659 (4.4)
≥60Men living alone1631 (6.6)912 (6.2)191938 (6.6)
Women living alone4827 (34.3)2177 (27.3)471379 (29.5)
60–64Employment density1220 (22.2)848 (26.5)195158 (28.3)