Table 5

Age standardised hospitalisation rates (SHR × 10000 women aged 35 or more) and ratio of standardised rates (RSR) for hysterectomy attributable to leiomyoma and genital prolapse by socioeconomic status. Rome, 1997

Socioeconomic levelNumberSHR95% CIRSR95% CI
I19612.410.8 to 14.31.00
II40114.312.9 to to 1.36
III41316.014.5 to to 1.53
IV26717.015.0 to 19.11.371.14 to 1.65
Linear test for trend0.019
Genital prolapse
Socioeconomic levelNumberSHR95% CIRSR95% CI
I864.73.8 to 5.81.00
II1585.54.7 to to 1.51
III1626.65.7 to 7.81.411.08 to 1.83
IV1087.15.9 to 8.51.491.12 to 1.99
Linear test for trend0.022