Table 3

Summary of results from previous studies reporting on the association between measles vaccine and Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis; and comparison with the ORLS study reported in this paper

StudyCrohn’s diseaseUlcerative colitis
Relative risk*95% Confidence intervalRelative risk*95% Confidence interval
*Odds ratios from case-control studies.
Hypothesis generating
Thompson et al (1995)23.011.5 to 6.32.531.2 to 5.6
Hypothesis testing
Feeney et al (1997)31.08*0.6 to 1.90.97*0.6 to 1.6
Morris et al (2000)40.670.3 to 1.60.570.2 to 1.6
Davies et al (2001)51.11*0.3 to 4.71.05*0.2 to 5.4
The three studies 0.950.6 to 1.50.920.6 to 1.4
ORLS study (45% vaccinated) 0.910.5 to to 1.8