Table 2

Age specific rates* for hospitalised incidence of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis for the five year birth cohorts, 1962–1966—that is, born before the introduction of the measles vaccination programme—and 1967–1971—that is, born in the five years afterwards; and the rate ratios with 95% confidence intervals

Age (y)1962–19661967–71Rate ratio95% Confidence interval
*The three 5-year age groups 15–19, 20–24, and 25–29 years are the only age groups within our dataset that are covered by five years of births before and after the introduction of the measles vaccination programme.
†Age adjusted ratio.
Crohn’s disease
25–298011.47010.10.880.64 to 1.23
20–247010.26710.41.020.72 to 1.43
15–19436.2436.31.020.66 to 1.56
15–291939.31808.90.96†0.78 to 1.18
Ulcerative colitis
25–29537.5517.30.970.66 to 1.44
20–24405.9375.80.980.62 to 1.55
15–19182.6243.51.350.73 to 1.53
15–291115.41125.51.04†0.79 to 1.36