Table 3

Mortality differentials by income and health services use among participants of the Nova Scotia Nutrition Survey

Family physician servicesSpecialist servicesDays in hospital
IncomeDeaths/participantsOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
OR, odds ratio are all adjusted for age and gender differences and, in the corresponding columns, further adjusted for family physician services, specialist services, or days in hospital; 95% CI, 95% confidence intervals.
$20000–$4000047/7130.790.52 to 1.190.900.58 to 1.410.700.45 to 1.100.820.50 to 1.34
>$4000017/5320.560.31 to 1.020.680.36 to 1.260.330.17 to 0.660.660.34 to 1.27