Table 5

Correlations between preventive behaviours and the number of new cases and the total number of cases reported the day before the survey

Initial phaseSecond phase
Number of new casesNumber of total casesNumber of new casesNumber of total cases
Preventive behavioursr*p Valuer*p Valuer*p Valuer*p Value
– Not calculated as data not available in the first three surveys;
*derived from Pearson correlation coefficients.
Wearing a mask0.9650.0020.9390.006−0.3620.5490.4080.496
Hand hygiene0.8480.0330.8520.031−0.2030.7440.4710.423
Disinfecting home−0.5120.4600.3780.435
Avoid going outside0.9230.0090.9510.0040.6550.230−0.8830.047
Avoid crowded places0.9380.0060.8870.0180.5980.287−0.7500.144
Avoid visiting hospitals0.8930.0160.8090.0510.0910.884−0.3240.595
Avoid using public transportation0.9020.0140.9520.0030.8940.041−0.9360.019
Avoid going to work0.9180.0280.9370.0190.7790.121−0.9060.034