Table 4

Knowledge and beliefs about SARS

Proportion of respondents (%)
Routes of transmission
Droplet nuclei
    Don’t know17.5
Fomites/contact via contaminated objects
    Don’t know24.7
    Don’t know27.5
Level of confidence in own physician’s ability to diagnose or recognise SARS
Very confident23.2
Somewhat confident56.0
Not very confident12.5
Not at all confident1.4
Don’t know6.9
Likelihood of contracting SARS during the current outbreak
Very likely1.2
Somewhat likely28.9
Not very likely34.8
Not likely at all10.3
Don’t know24.8
Likelihood of surviving SARS if infected
Very likely25.8
Somewhat likely48.8
Not very likely4.1
Not likely at all0.7
Don’t know20.6