Table 1

Hazards regression estimates of the impact of divorce on the risk of white suicide

CovariateSuicidesPopulation at riskModel 1Model 2
RR95% CIRR95% CI
*Significant at p<0.05. **Significant at p<0.01. LRS, likelihood ratio statistic; df, degrees of freedom; RR, relative risk; CI, confidence intervals.
    Men53109178.33**4.24 to 16.389.68**4.87 to 19.22
Age (y)
    35–441764171.370.71 to 2.621.450.76 to 2.78
    45–642180031.480.80 to 2.731.480.79 to 2.77
    65+523221.500.56 to 3.991.240.44 to 3.47
Education (y)
    <High school1671821.00(Reference)
    High school26113870.760.40 to 1.45
    Some college1771350.960.54 to 1.81
Household income
    Below $1000028106542.31*1.05 to 5.09
    $10000–$2499923118861.120.51 to 2.45
    Income unknown314491.210.32 to 4.48
−2 Log L1226.081218.85
Number of suicides6363
Number of cases2760427604