Table 5

Proportion of comparisons where men experience more inequality than women, stratified by measure of socioeconomic status and absolute compared with relative inequality measures

*N represents the number of male/female comparison pairs in the socioeconomic strata. The count of relative measures exceeds the count of absolute measures because of the addition of Agresti’s α in the relative inequality measures group.
Individual measures
Health status1.0030.004
Social position0.89280.1330
Total 0.92 187 0.48 229
Household or neighbourhood measures
Housing tenure1.0030.004
Household income1.00160.0520
Housing condition1.0041.005
Standard of equipment1.0041.005
Area deprivation1.00121.0015
Area income1.00120.8715
Area school performance1.0041.005
Total 1.00 55 0.64 69