Table 1

Measures of inequality, classified by absolute or relative form

MeasureAbsolute/relativeBi/univariateHealth measureSES measureType of inequality measure*Detects reverse gradientsDetects group size
*Type of inequality measure: (e) effect, (s) shortfall, (h) heterogeneity, (i) inequality. For detailed description of measures see various references.6–10
Rate differenceabratesextreme groupseyn
Rate ratiorbratesextreme groupseyn
Population attributable riskabratesdichotomoussyn
Population attributable riskrbratesdichotomoussyn
Index of dissimilarityabusually cases/deathsnominalhny
Index of dissimilarityrbusually cases/deathsnominalhny
Slope index of inequalityabratesordinaliyy
Slope index of inequalityrbratesordinaliyy
Concentration indexabRatio scale measureordinaliyy
Concentration indexrbRatio scale measureordinaliyy
Agresti’s αrbOrdinal scale measureordinaliyy