Table 2A

Proportion of current smokers by deprivation category and social class and educational level for men (n=12579) and women (n=15132) aged 39–79 years, of the EPIC-Norfolk cohort, 1993–1997

Townsend quintiles
Current smokers%n%n%n%n%n%np value for trend
‡χ2 test for trend.
Men By social class
Non-manual 8.0132 8.814411.0149 9.713212.9138 9.8695<0.001
By educational level
At least O level 9.2175 9.017212.220011.418817.625411.6989<0.001
No qualifications13.48713.59614.110413.511521.121415.5616<0.001
Women By social class
Non-manual 8.918010.119810.317711.219914.121410.8968<0.001
Manual 9.99711.512812.614113.316818.027513.5809<0.001
By educational level
At least O level 9.2152 9.916810.615912.318913.817411.0842<0.001
No qualifications 9.412511.415812.015911.917817.731512.8935<0.001