Table 6

The prospective association of self rated health status and transition three months after stroke with disability at one year and recurrence free survival over five years: multivariable analyses*

Disability at one yearRecurrence free survival over five years
Odds ratio(95% confidence intervals)pHazard ratio(95% confidence intervals)p
*All models were adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, pre-stroke Barthel Index, and pre-stroke Frenchay Activities Index. Models 2 and 4 controlled also for Barthel Index at three months, Frenchay Activties Index at three months, and Mini Mental State Examination at three months.
Self rated health status at three months
Model 1
“Poor” versus “Excellent to fair”3.91(1.76 to 8.71)<0.011.22(0.85 to 1.76)0.27
Model 2
“Poor” versus “Excellent to fair”2.38(0.76 to 7.49)0.141.14(0.78 to 1.66)0.51
Self rated health transition at three months
Model 3
“Much worse” versus “Much better to somewhat worse”5.59(2.74 to 11.42)<0.011.75(1.29 to 2.38)<0.01
Model 4
“Much worse” versus “Much better to somewhat worse”6.29(2.26 to 17.52)<0.011.72(1.24 to 2.38)<0.01