Table 1

Means and standard deviations (SD) of variables

*Death rates are per 100000.
Overall inequality (log income variance)0.140.014
Within tracts inequality (log income variance)0.120.010
Between tracts inequality (log income variance)0.0200.008
Betweentract/within tract inequality ratio0.170.07
Jargowsky segregation index0.340.07
Mean household income344815169
Household size2.700.20
Male infant mortality*1035230
Male mortality rate 1–14 years*36.79.12
Male mortality rate 15–34 years*159.943.6
Male mortality rate 35–64 years*683.0122.1
Male mortality rate 65 and over*5826.8611.1
Male mortality rate all ages*914.6104.5
Male potential years of life lost < age 6569.313.3
Female infant mortality rate*804190
Female mortality rate 1–14 years*26.48.0
Female mortality rate 15–34 years*60.415.7
Female mortality rate 35–64 years*384.759.6
Female mortality rate 65 and over*4395.0360.8
Female mortality rate all ages*812.472.8
Female potential years of life lost < age 6537.56.6