Table 2

Alcohol intake and unadjusted (SD) and adjusted mean levels of serum HDL-cholesterol (mmol/l) and serum insulin (mU/l) (*geometric mean) in men with no diagnosed CHD, stroke, or diabetes. Adjusted for age, BMI, social class, smoking, physical activity, and pre-existing CHD (undiagnosed)

NonOccLightModHeavytest for trend
Top fifth% = percentage of men in alcohol intake category with concentrations in the top fifth of the distribution in 5221 men.
Top fifth %9.39.720.025.437.0
Unadjusted HDL-C1.
Adjusted HDL-C1.<0.0001
Top fifth %22.822.420.218.416.4
Unadjusted insulin*
(interquartile range)(7.7–22.1)(7.9–21.3)(7.4–20.0)(6.9–18.5)(6.7–18.0)
Adjusted insulin*12.612.811.911.110.7p<0.0001