CauseICD-9 CMDescription
Asthma493Asthma with or without mention status asthmaticus
CHF428Heart failure, including congestive heart failure
402.0Malignant hypertensive heart disease with CHF
402.11Benign hypertensive heart disease with CHF
402.91Unspecified hypertensive heart disease With CHF
COPD491Chronic bronchitis (obstructive and mucopurulent)
492.0Emphysematous bleb
492.8Other emphysema
496Chronic airway construction, not elsewhere classified
DM250.1DM with ketoacidosis
250.2DM with hyperosmolarity
250.3DM with other coma
251.0Hypoglycaemic coma
Hypertension401.0Malignant essential HT
402.0Malignant hypertensive heart disease without CHF
403.0Malignant hypertensive renal disease
404.0Malignant hypertensive heart and renal disease
405.0Malignant secondary HT
437.2Hypertensive enchephalopathy