Table 3

Elasticities from probit models in table 2. (Percentage change in probability of contributing/percentage change in X)

VariablesWould volunteer to be a crossing guardWould attend neighbourhood meeting to discuss safetyWould pay money to fund for speed bumpsWould attend a workshop on community safety
†Bids (expressed in hours for columns A, B, and D and dollars for column C) were randomly assigned to subjects. See text for details. Dummy variables for school neighbourhood included in all models. *Z statistics given in parentheses: *p<0.05, **p<0.01.
Bid†−0.105 (−4.670)*−0.039 (−4.900)*−0.064 (−6.900)*−0.027 (−1.510)
Income ($dollars)−0.070 (−1.630)−0.025 (−1.290)0.011 (0.460)−0.002 (−0.060)
Age of the child−0.199 (−1.850)−0.113 (−2.200)−0.092 (−1.590)−0.065 (−0.850)
Number of hours volunteering last month0.009 (0.980)0.006 (1.090)−0.004 (−0.910)0.011 (1.390)
Highest grade completed by parent−0.285 (−1.410)−0.198 (−2.200)−0.004 (−0.040)−0.217 (−1.600)