Table 1

Descriptive data from parent survey

VariableNumber non- missing out of 723 maximumMean or percentageStandard deviationMinimumMaximum
Responses to survey on willingness to volunteer and risk perceptions
Would volunteer to be a crossing guard? (1 = Yes)72168.0%01
Percentage who say crossing guards would not work or not needed71817.4%01
Would pay money to fund for speed bumps (1 = Yes)71685.1%01
Percentage who say speed bumps would not work or not needed71913.6%01
Would attend neighbourhood meeting to discuss safety? (1 = Yes)71987.6%01
Percentage who say meetings would not work or not needed7215.5%01
Would attend a workshop on community safety? (1 = Yes)71980.3%01
Percentage who say workshops would not work or not needed7189.1%01
Percentage responding on behalf of a boy72350.0%01
Perceives pedestrian injury very likely72315.4%01
Perceived neighbourhood solidarity—imputed72358.5%01
Perceived neighbourhood solidarity68758.5%01
Perceives neighbourhood has a lot of traffic68741.4%01
Neighbourhood characteristics
Low income, high injury neighbourhood72325.2%01
Low income, low injury neighbourhood72329.3%01
High income, high injury neighbourhood72329.1%01
High income, low injury neighbourhood72316.4%01
Respondents’ characteristics
Annual household income (dollars)651$29551$25924$2500$100000
Annual household income—imputed (dollars)723$29706$25031$2500$100000
Highest grade completed (years)61512.72.3724
Highest grade completed—imputed (years)72312.72.1724
Child’s age (years)7237.71.9312
Number of hours spent volunteering last month7235.616.50100