Table 4

Logistic regression models for parental determinants and all injury deaths. In Model 1 each variable is analysed separately and adjusted for sex, year of birth, and residency (urban/rural divided in six classes). Model 2 includes all variables, sex, year of birth, and residency (urban/rural divided in six classes)

Model 1Model 2
DeterminantPopulation share (%)ORCIAF (%)ORCIAF (%)
Parent SES
    Unclassified20.21.41.1 to to 1.65.9 to to 1.66.1 to to 1.31.3
    311.01.10.9 to to 1.30.2
    417.11.00.8 to to 1.20
    Total 15.8 13.4
Maternal country of birth
    Finland4.61.00.8 to−0.7 to 1.20
    Western Europe21.41.0 to to 1.80.7
    Eastern Europe1.21.00.6 to to 1.50
    Southern Europe20.60.3 to 0.900.50.3 to 0.90
    Non-European1.60.60.3 to to 0.90
    Total 0 0
Family situation
    Single household6.71.61.4 to to 1.83.4
    Recent divorce7.01.41.0 to to 1.41.3
    Recent new step parent2.31.21.0 to to 1.70.7
    Mother died0.42.11.2 to to 3.30.4
    Father died0.91.20.7 to to 1.70.1
    Two parent household86.41.01.0
    Total 7.7 5.8
Parental risk factors
    Alcohol admission: yes1.50.90.6 to 1.300.80.5 to 1.20
    Drug abuse admission: yes0.31.20.5 to to 2.60.0
    Psychiatric admission: yes1.71.20.9 to to 1.70.3
    Mother imprisoned: yes0.43.52.3 to to 5.30.9
    Father imprisoned: yes5.31.10.9 to to 1.30.3
    None of the above90.81.01.0
    Total 1.9 1.3