Table 4

The results of question 10

FunctionNumber of times mentionedScore
CPD/education/training 3565.2
Sharing of information/knowledge2361.2
Sharing skills/expertise and maximise scarce resources2055.2
Database of public health information and knowledge management2155
Locate expertise1849
Reduce duplication/improve efficiency1435.2
Work as a virtual team despite geographical distance1321.5
Peer support/reduce isolation819.7
Deliver public health work/function/agenda417
Best practice/standards917
Forum For dialogue without need to travel213
Keep up to date512
Develop and influence policies912
Coordination of multidisciplinary public health work611.5
Information on what is happening elsewhere in other public health organisations/groups511
Locate people410
Arrange meetings28
Identify and link people with similar interests57.5
Provide guidance in public health matters to its members26.5
Provide a means of communication46
Information on meetings35
Preserve organisational memory33.7
Evidence based medicine33
Provide an identity for public health32
Pose questions to the network30