Table 1

Sources of the determinants that were studied

DeterminantInformantYear of recordingSource of information
Parental SES: occupation of head of householdHead of household1985National census
Maternal country of birthMother1985National census
Family situation; single or two parent household, recent divorce, or recent death of parentHead of household1985 and 1990National census and Cause of Death Register
Parental hospital admission for psychiatric, alcohol or drug abuse diagnosesMother and father1987–1990Swedish Hospital Discharge Register
Parent sentenced to jailMother and father1973–1993National Register of Court Statistics
Population density at residency1990National census
Hospital admission for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, psychiatric care and suicide attempts diagnosesThe physician responsible for the discharge1987–1990Swedish Hospital Discharge Register
Sentenced to jailThe judge responsible for the sentence1988–1993National Register of Court Statistics
Alcohol and drug use at time of deathThe physician responsible for the death certificate1991–1995National Cause of Cause of Death Register