Table 5

Original underlying causes of death often replaced by more specific underlying causes in the same broad diagnostic group when all hospital discharge data* are added to the original death certificate, the ten groups most often affected and total. Swedish extended Basic Tabulation List, hospital deaths, Sweden 1995 (n=39 872)

More specific cause of death assigned
Underlying cause of death, Basic Tabulation ListOriginal number NumberNumber% of all cases
*Main condition, additional conditions, data on injuries and surgery within four weeks before death.
325Other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease59647078.9
299Cerebrovascular disease, unspecified61634756.3
359Diseases of urinary system, unspecified1571710.8
349Diseases of other parts of the digestive system, unspecified739709.5
099Malignant neoplasm of digestive organs and peritoneum, unspecified557376.6
449Congenital anomalies, unspecified4836.3
329Other diseases of the respiratory system, unspecified233125.2
269Hypertensive disease, unspecified12764.7
279Ischaemic heart disease, unspecified27241234.5
289Diseases of pulmonary circulation and other forms of heart disease, unspecified1663674.0