Table 4

Changes in original underlying cause of death when all hospital discharge data* are added to the original death certificate: Origin of the newly assigned underlying cause of death. Hospital deaths, Sweden 1995 (n=39 872)

Newly assigned underlying cause
Obtained from the hospital discharge register
Original underlying cause of death, ICD-9 ChapterOriginal number NumberUpgraded contributing cause of death NumberMain condition NumberAdditional condition Number
*Main condition, additional conditions, data on injuries and surgery within four weeks before death.
IInfectious and parasitic diseases477602443
IIIEndocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, and immunity disorders838171145
IVDiseases of the blood and blood-forming organs1901735
VMental disorders198342620
VIDiseases of the nervous system and sense organs40527417
VIIDiseases of the circulatory system17918294791595
VIIIDiseases of the respiratory system2966214240290
IXDiseases of the digestive system1924653974
XDiseases of the genitourinary system587161332
XIComplications of pregnancy and childbirth3
XIIDiseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue49112
XIIIDiseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue1968411
XIVCongenital anomalies1111204
XVCertain conditions originating in the perinatal period39602
XVISymptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions111100
EExternal causes of injuries and poisoning1176119169272