Table 3

The 10 original underlying causes of death most often incompatible with the final main condition, Swedish extended Basic Tabulation List, hospital deaths, Sweden 1995 (n=39 872)

Different final main condition
Final main condition incompatible with original underlying cause of death
Basic Tabulation ListOriginal underlying cause of death NumberNumberNumber% of differing cases
469Signs, symptoms and ill-defined conditions, unspecified502727100.0
139Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified site, unspecified70435928479.1
179Other and unspecified neoplasm25618814275.5
560Injury undetermined whether accidentally or purposefully inflicted30241875.0
119Malignant neoplasm of bone, connective tissue, skin and breast, unspecified108483470.8
309Other diseases of the circulatory system, unspecified33261869.2
299Cerebrovascular disease, unspecified61655434662.5
293Acute but ill-defined cerebrovascular disease98537423362.3
529Other accidents, including late effects, unspecified117995858.6
213Other psychoses47452657.8