Table 3

Correlations between background variables, working conditions, reported trauma, and mental and health indicators including Occupational Risk Scale (ORS)

Background variablesWorking conditionsReported traumaMental and physical health indicators
Variable nameAgeEducationAge first sex workTime in sex workWork hours/dayDays work/weekNumber of clients/dayPast traumaTrauma at workPoor SRH†PTSDDepression
†SRH, self rated health. *Pearson’s correlation coefficient significant at 0.05 level (two sided). *Significant at 0.01 level (two sided).
Age 1.0
Education 0.29*1.0
Age at first sex work 0.90**0.28*1.0
Time in sex work 0.36**0.12−0.041.0
Work hours/day −0.42**−0.18−0.46**−0.011.0
Days work/week −0.29*0.00−0.36**0.190.57**1.0
Number of clients/day −0.200.02−**0.58 **1.0
Past trauma −0.32*−0.36**−0.42**0.180.33*
Work trauma −0.060.01−0.220.35 **0.27*.35*0.34*0.191.0
Poor SRH 0.13−−0.32*−0.31*−0.13−0.10−0.041.0
PTSD −0.060.03−0.240.35**0.27*0.40**0.260.43**0.30*0.31*1.0
ORS −0.28*−0.10−0.29*−0.050.43*0.33*0.27*0.32*0.28*0.36*0.43**0.40**