Table 2

Socioeconomic background and initiation of cigarette use*

Unadjusted models†Childhood SES and demographic covariates‡
OR95% CIOR95% CI
*Discrete time survival models of the age at first cigarette. †Separate models for each domain of SES controlling only for sample selection factors and time at risk. ‡Combined model for all three domains of childhood SES, also controlling for sample selection factors, time at risk, sex, race/ethnicity, maternal smoking, and age at interview.
Childhood socioeconomic status
Maternal education(y)0.94(0.91 to 0.98)1.00(0.95 to 1.05)
Parental occupation at subject’s birth and 7th year
    BirthAge 7
    ManualManual1.66(1.27 to 2.17)1.49(1.09 to 2.03)
    Not employed at Birth or age 71.72(1.28 to 2.31)1.51(1.08 to 2.13)
    ManualNon-manual1.36(0.94 to 1.95)1.22(0.83 to 1.79)
    Non-manualManual1.12(0.77 to 1.63)1.10(0.75 to 1.62)
Household below US poverty level between subject’s birth and 7th year
    Yes1.48(1.23 to 1.79)1.33(1.08 to 1.63)