Table 3

Comparison of the distribution of deaths in Beirut based on death certificates (1966) and this study (1983–93) with estimates in developed, developing regions and the Middle Eastern Crescent based on the Global Burden of Disease Study in 1990

StudyAbou-Daoud study3-150Global Burden of Disease study3-150This study
AgeAll agesAll ages>60 years>60 years
PlaceBeirut/LebanonDeveloped regionsDeveloping regionsMiddle Eastern CrescentBeirut/Lebanon
Number of deaths274810883 × 10339088 × 1031376 × 103378
I Communicable diseases 7.15.341.210.52.4
II Non-communicable diseases
Cardiovascular diseases48.448.923.154.760.6
Other causes21.215.417.018.39.0
Senile and ill defined5.27.7
III Injuries
  • 3-150 Source: Abou-Daoud, 1967,19 calculated from the annex in Murray and Lopez, 1997.20 Developed regions: Established market economies and former socialist countries, Developing regions: all others.