Table 1

Cigarette use in the Providence-National Collaborative Perinatal Project follow up sample according to socioeconomic status over the life course (n=657)

Distribution of adult and childhood factorsStages of cigarette use
Lifetime cigarette use in the entire sample*Regular use among subjects with lifetime use†Smoking cessation among regular users‡
*Prevalence of lifetime cigarette smoking in the entire sample=80.7%. †Regular use defined as smoking at least one cigarette per day for at least one month. Prevalence of regular use among respondents reporting lifetime cigarette smoking=79.2%. ‡Non-smoker defined as cessation of regular use at least one year before interview. Prevalence of smoking cessation among regular smokers=23.1%.
Demographic characteristics
Adult socioeconomic status
Educational attainment
    0–11 years18.011890.710794.41018.38
    12 years34.122482.118484.815620.830
    13–15 years36.223879.018873.413835.647
    Unskilled, semiskilled manual34.122483.518783.415616.024
    Skilled manual47.531282.425782.921325.149
Childhood socioeconomic status
Maternal educational attainment
    0–8 years21.213986.312087.510517.818
    9–11 years48.431881.125882.621320.841
    12 years19.913177.910272.57434.824
Parental occupation at subject’s birth and 7th year
    BirthAge 7
    Not employed at birth or age 721.514186.512282.810115.815
Household below US poverty level between subject’s birth and 7th year